• Student Cell Phone - Electronics Policy


    Barrett Cell Phone Policy 2015-16


    Recent changes in the California Education Code and district policy now permit the possession of cell phones while on campus. Cell phones can be used on campus during non-instructional times. However, unless permission has been granted by the teacher, cell phones must be put away and turned off or on silent mode during class time. Any phone that is seen or heard during instructional time will be taken and students will be subject to disciplinary action. Refusal to surrender your phone when asked is defiance. Defiance can result in suspension and your parent will be contacted.

    Restrictions on cell phone usage:  Students are prohibited from using cell phones to take unsolicited or unwelcome video recordings or photographs of students or staff at school. Cell phones used to cheat or plagiarize, to bully or haze others, to disrupt the learning environment, to view pornographic, vulgar, or inappropriate content or to post derogatory content on social media sites is prohibited.

    Privacy in school locker rooms and restrooms is strictly enforced. Under no circumstances can a person use a camera, video recorder, cell phone or other recording device to capture, record, or transfer images of a person in a locker room or restroom. Anyone who violates this policy shall be subject to school disciplinary action and/or penalties under federal, state or local law.

    Consequences if a phone is seen or heard during instructional time:
       1st Offense – Phone will be confiscated and held in the office for pick up after school.
       2nd Offense – Detention will be assigned and phone must be picked up in the office by a parent or guardian.
       3rd Offense – Friday School will be assigned and the phone must be picked up in the office by a parent or guardian.


    Headphones / Earbuds / Other Electronics
    Headphones may not be worn while on campus, during school hours, unless a teacher or staff member grants permission during instructional time.

    All electronics such as iPods, MP3 players, video games, cameras, laser pointers, personal digital assistants (PDA), and CD players should not be brought to campus. The school will not be held responsible for any of these valuables should they become missing and will not spend time investigating the issue. These items are your property and should not be brought to school. Use of any of the above or similar items during school hours will result in the item being taken and students will be subject to disciplinary action.


    Barrett Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen phones or electronic devices. Please be cautioned that students need to secure their devices at all times.

Last Modified on August 6, 2015