Mr. Lindgren



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lindgren

About Me: 

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara as a Mathematics Major and I continue to enjoy teaching and learning mathematics! 

This is my 9th year teaching 

Things I enjoy and care about: 

Teaching - Seeing students learn is so rewarding and gives me energy. 

My wife - also in education

My Pets:  Tater my Queensland Healer that hikes with me, and Kit Kat my cat 

Camping & Hiking - mostly in the Sierras

Snow Skiing - mostly in the Sierras but would like to try other states 

Riding my bike with friends 

Cruising - sometimes if my wife makes me, but I do enjoy the scenery and slowing down a bit. 

Taking care of our farm - We grow figs and citrus

What I believe: 

I believe that all students can learn mathematics

I believe that all students desire to be good and kind 

I believe that we learn from our mistakes

I believe that if I respect my students they will learn to respect others

I believe in taking care of myself: I exersize and try to eat healthy, and rest my mind from time to time. 



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