• Dear Family Member,
    Your student’s math class will soon begin studying the unit entitled “Measurement and Data.”
    This unit addresses important California Common Core Standards in the Critical Areas of
    displaying, analyzing, and summarizing data.
    Domain 6.SP Statistics and Probability
    Cluster Develop understanding of statistical variability.
    The unit also supports additional standards.
    Domain 6.SP Statistics and Probability
    Cluster Summarize and describe distributions.
    Our study of this unit focuses on the essential questions listed below.
    Unit 7: Measurement and Data
    Essential Questions
    • How can you use measures of center to describe a data set?
    • How can you determine and use the mean absolute deviation of a set of data points?
    • How can you use a box plot and measures of spread to describe a data set?
    • How can you summarize and display numeric data?
    • How can you display data in a histogram?
    To stay up to date with our progress, ask often about what’s happening in math class.
    One activity you can do together at the beginning of each unit is to
    discuss the featured career in your student’s math book. At the
    end of the unit you and your student can further explore this career
    through the Math in Career Activity on the Unit Project page.
    There are also many exciting online resources available to you and your student including
    Math on the Spot video tutorials, Personal Math Trainer, and Animated Math activities.
    Thank you for your time and interest. Your participation in your student’s education is a sure way
    to encourage learning!
Last Modified on August 14, 2015