• Youth Decoy


    The Youth Decoy program is designed to stop the sale of tobacco to minors.  Students involved in the Youth Decoy program will work with Food and Drug Branch (FDB) investigators or the California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) Institute for Social Research to determine whether stores are selling to underage youth.  Participants will attempt to purchase tobacco products at retail outlets under FDB or CSUS staff supervision. 

    All youth work after school, on weekends, or during school vacations.  On average, participants will work 3-4 hours per day one or more days per year.  Investigators will contact youth directly with opportunities to work.  The opportunities to work are sporadic and can come at any time in the year.

    Students receive incentives such as:

    • Turn in your application and receive a gift card for signing up

    • Get paid per store regardless of a sale; on average, you can visit 15-20 stores in 2-3 hrs. time

    • Reimbursement for California State ID card 

    • Receive a letter of recommendation for volunteering

    • Looks great on job and college applications

    • Other incentives, such as gift certificates, movie passes, etc., are offered throughout the program

    If you would like to schedule a classroom presentation or would like more information, contact Julie Dorokhin at Julie.dorokhin@sanjuan.edu or 916-979-8623.

    For further information regarding Youth Decoy, please visit www.decoyca.org.

Last Modified on May 8, 2017