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    What is PFO?

    The Parent Faculty Organization is a group of parents and faculty that works to make Dewey the best school it can be.  Our goal is to ensure that our children receive the best education possible.  


    What does PFO do?

    PFO supports our school in so many ways.  Historically, it provides funds for the computer lab (including our awesome technology support person), beautification and improvement projects on our campus, special assemblies, teacher requests, and  more.  The PFO has also held fun events throughout the year, like dances, Fall Festival, Santa’s night, and skate nights… as we all know, this year WILL look different.


    Why should I join?

    1. Support our school! - All membership dues go directly to our school. PFOs do not pay association fees. 
    2. Get volunteer hours – Just for signing up as a PFO member, you earn 2 volunteer hours (Dewey requests 12 hours per trimester). 
    3. Get cool stuff – see below for the fun items that come with your membership.
    4. Your PFO membership is tax deductible – Dewey PFO is a registered non-profit organization.
    5. Earn a prize for your kid’s class – The class with the highest membership gets a prize TBD!


    Do I have to attend meetings?

    No.  We’d love for every PFO member to attend our monthly meetings (held the second Monday of every month currently via zoom), but being a PFO member does not obligate you to attend PFO meetings. 

     Join PFO Document


    Have questions? Contact Melissa LeFevre @ lefevre.melissa@gmail.com

Last Modified on August 20, 2020