• Class Syllabus Language Arts: 6th

    Language Arts Novels

    • Students will read a novel every trimester in class

    • Mini-lessons on some aspect of literature or a reading strategy

    • Apply strategy to the days reading in packet

    • Quizzes will be given throughout to ensure understanding and a final test will be given at the end of each novel

    • When tests are returned they will be signed by an adult and checked off

    Language Arts Reader’s Workshop

    • Throughout the week, your homework will be to read your independent novel.  Independent novels should be within lexile range.  About three books a trimester will be required.

    • As you read your independent reading book, write your personal response on your summary sheet.  This will be due every other Friday and is worth 20 points

    • On Thursdays during class, we will spend the whole time reading our independent novels.  Make sure to come prepared.

    • On Thursday night your homework, following guidelines on your RRJ bookmark, will be to write a Reader’s Response Journal (RRJ).    Each entry is worth 50 points.

    Language Arts Writer’s Notebook (WNB)

    • Writing in your WNB will be beneficial to growing as a writer

    • Mini-lessons on some aspect of writing will be taught in class

    • You will be responsible for writing a specific type of genre twice a trimester

    • In class planning occurs on a daily basis during Writers Workshop which will occur every day except Thursday unless we are reading a novel in class.

    • First Draft will be peer conferred and then revised           

    • Revision will be teacher conferred and then assigned an editing group to look for spelling and grammatical errors

    • A final draft will be published to share

      • It is always encouraged to have an older sibling or adult at home to also look over published pieces.

    • All drafts shall be done using Google Docs which will be taught in class

    • The published piece is a part of your Language Arts grade and is graded as a test/quiz

    • When pieces are returned they will be signed by an adult and checked off


    25% Performance: Reader’s Workshop packet

    25% Homework:  Reader’s Response Journal/Writer’s Notebook

    50% Tests/Quizzes/Published Piece
Last Modified on August 25, 2015