• Encina Preparatory 6-12 High School

    Library and Textbook Information


    Library: Marsha Lucas – mlucas@sanjuan.edu   ext. 7562

    Textbooks: Jason Olthoff – Jaolthoff@sanjuan.edu ext. (varies)

    Library Webpage: https://www.sanjuan.edu/domain/477

    Library Calendar: https://www.sanjuan.edu//site/Default.aspx?PageID=28262


    Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to support learning, personal growth and self-advancement of the students and staff of Encina Preparatory High School by:

    • providing access to appropriate and accurate information through print, electronic and personal resources;
    • providing a place where students can study, think and fulfill learning needs;
    • providing guidance in using information effectively; and
    • providing encouragement for reading and life-long learning


    Bringing a Class to the Library:

    Please talk to the Librarian to set a time to bring a class to the library and discuss details such as the purpose of the visit (get reading books, do research,     ) and to determine the best way to do the project, be familiar with the resources available, etc. Please take roll and prep students on behavior, expectations and rules before leaving the classroom and see that they don’t bring food or drinks. Planning and collaboration are key. You can check for available times on the calendar link, above.

    It is not a good idea to send a class with a guest teacher.


    Sending Individual Students and Small Groups to the Library:

    Students must have a pass to come to the Library during class time. Please include on the pass the student(s) name, date, time, and teacher’s name (legible, please). A note about what they are expected to do there is helpful. It may save you time and hassle to call ahead to see how busy it is, if there are computers available, etc. (ext. 7562). Make sure guest teachers know your policy on sending students and that they know students must have a proper pass, not just a hallway pass.



    • Please encourage students to pick up after themselves, and do so yourself to set a good example;

    • Do not enter or exit through the ‘Fire Exit’ door when students are present—they need to believe it is alarmed and also it may remain unlocked from the outside;

    • Students need to have a pass to come to the Library during both lunches—you can write them a pass or they can get a year-long pass at the Library;

    • Do whatever you can to reinforce students bringing ID cards every day and having them with them when they use the Library;

    • Classroom libraries—Librarian will be happy to help you gather books to keep in your classroom


    We all need to do everything possible to be sure every student has a textbook checked out (Williams Act) and that students use the same book that is checked out to them. Books getting mixed up can result in hundreds of dollars of charges on students’ records.


    Class Checkouts:

    Sign up for a time slot with the Textbook Clerk at the beginning of the school year or semester for semester classes. Be sure to include the description of the book needed so it can be made ready ahead. Stress order and respectful behavior when the class comes and make sure every student writes his/her name in the book he/she checks out when they first return to the classroom.

    Please note the following:

    • let your students know respectful behavior is expected in the hallways and while getting books;

    • stand in the doorway and allow only two students into the Textbook room at a time;

    • be on hand to assist with names if necessary;

    • make sure all students write their names in the front of their books immediately;

    • allow extra time for ELL students;

    • when multiple level books are needed for a class, figure that out ahead of time and let the Textbook Clerk know;

    • It’s not advisable to schedule textbook pickup with a substitute


    Novels and Auxiliary Texts:

    Contact the Textbook Clerk to set a time for your class to check out other texts during the year. The Librarian can help you with selection and availability. 


    Students Who Arrive After the Beginning of the Year:

    The Textbook Clerk will check out textbooks to arriving students as soon as possible after their schedule is created. If a student does not have a book, please email the Textbook Clerk and make arrangements. It may be helpful for you to check out one or two books to have in your room for newly arriving students to use temporarily. Please do not send students to the Library to get textbooks.

    If an individual student needs a textbook, please email the Textbook Clerk and he/she will get it to them.

    End of the Year:

    Your help is needed in making sure students return books before the last day of school. The Librarian can provide you with a list of students in your classes and the book numbers they are responsible for. The last days of school, make sure any ‘stray’ books are brought to the textbook room to be checked in. Do not volunteer to return textbooks for students.

    Note: If you volunteer to have students leave textbooks in the classroom, they often interpret that as meaning that you are taking responsibility for them and that they are not responsible. 


    • Workbooks and consumables are kept by the departments

    • The District does not allow us to check out classroom sets of textbooks

Last Modified on August 27, 2015