• REACH One Alliance

  • REACH One Alliance is a program designed to create a momentous culture shift to promote a positive school climate on middle and high school campuses. The program empowers students to be proactive in the areas of acceptance, character, and compassion. REACH One Alliance encourages everyone to live up to their potential and greatness and live a healthy and happy life through the abstinence of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.


    REACH One Alliance program components include:

    • One All-School Assembly

    • Two Workshops — Playbook Overview & Empathy Training

    • One Staff Training

    • Weekly Huddles

    • “Plays of the Day” Poster & Banner

    REACH One Advisors are responsible for the following:

    •     Promote, organize, and attend weekly huddles

    •     Assist with R1 events and activities (outreach, prevention, retention)

    •     Communicate with SJUSD Prevention Programs and complete brief forms needed to maintain grant funding

    •     Complete school site process for official club recognition

    •     Post the “Plays of the Day” poster and banner

    At the end of the year, REACH One Advisors will receive an honorarium for their commitment to the program.

    For more information regarding REACH One Alliance, please contact Mariela Silva at 916-979-8606.

Last Modified on March 7, 2017