• Teen Intervene and ASCENT


    Teen Intervene 


    Using Brief Intervention with Substance-Using Adolescents

    An evidence-based program for youth (12-19 years old) who may be experiencing problems associated with tobacco, alcohol or other drug use. The program consists of 3-4 individual sessions and a closing session with both a parent or guardian and the adolescent.  Teen Intervene integrates stages of change model, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help teens reduce and, ultimately, eliminate their chemical use.  




    Adolescent Smoking Cessation Escaping Nicotine and Tobacco

    A multi-faceted smoking cessation/intervention group for young people (9-12 grades) based on the stages of change model. This comprehensive curriculum is broken into six sessions: Making the Decision to Quit, Making the Commitment, Getting Ready to Quit, The Last Smoke, Smoke Free and Relapse Prevention, and The Celebration. Discussions involve topics such as personal reasons to quit smoking and quitting tips and utilize role-playing and stress management exercises.


    In order to implement Teen Intervene and ASCENT, Prevention Programs will need the following: 

    • A confidential room available 2-3 times a week to meet privately with students in close proximity to other school staff

    • A list of student referrals or permission for Prevention Specialists to identify referrals through Q Front Office

    • Final approval for student participation in Teen Intervene and ASCENT must come from the school’s principal and/or parent/guardian

    To learn more about Teen Intervene and ASCENT visit www.hazelden.org.

    For questions regarding Teen Intervene or to refer students at your site, contact: Prevention Specialist Erica Corpuz at (916) 979-8621 or erica.corpuz@sanjuan.edu.

    For questions regarding ASCENT or to refer students at your site, contact: Prevention Specialist Dre Thomas at (916) 979-8605 or deandre.thomas@sanjuan.edu

    You can find a printable version of Teen Intervene/ASCENT information here. 

    Teen Intervene Parent Letter.

    Teen Intervene/ASCENT Referral Process.

Last Modified on September 27, 2017