• Eligibility

    K-12th grade American Indian/Alaska Native students enrolled in any of the SJUSD schools are eligible for services. The parent/guardian must complete a Title VII Student Eligibility Certification Form (506 form - See below for link). This form can also be obtained at www.sanjuan.edu under Academics, English Learner/Multicultural Education, Indian Education. Or call our office located at the SJUSD office (916) 971-5382. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring Services

    Q-Is my child eligible to receive free tutoring services through Indian Education?
    A-Tutoring is offered to students in grades 1st-12th. Your child is eligible if we have a current and complete "506" form on file for him/her, and if they meet specific academic requirements. Contact our office with any questions about eligibility.

    Q-My child is American Indian but we don't have any paperwork, can she still receive tutoring?
    The 506 form requires proof of tribal membership usually in the form of a copy of a family member's tribal membership number. If you are having difficulty finding proof-you can contact our office to offer some resources and try to assist you with finding the necessary documents.

    Q-Who will provide the actual tutoring for my child?
    San Juan's Indian Education Program will find and arrange an appropriate tutor for each student who is eligible and has requested tutoring. Typically, tutors are Instructional Aids or a teacher from the school in which your child attends.

    Q-Where and when will my child be tutored?
    Typically the student will be tutored at their own school site and dates/times are arranged to fit yours and the tutor's needs.

    Q-Is there a charge for tutoring?

    A-If the student is enrolled in the program (has current/valid 506 form on file) then tutoring is free of charge!




    Contact our office at (916) 979-8984 with any questions!

Last Modified on August 20, 2020