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Additional Programs

  •  Free social skills groups and parent resources available to schools:

    A free opportunity for schools to have an on-site violence prevention/social skills program is available. The following evidence-based programs are provided by trained professionals once weekly for 10 weeks. The program also includes a Parent Night event and student and parent incentives, all provided and coordinated by the countrywide eVibe program.  


    For more information or to reserve a program for your site, please contact Christina Sparks at christina.sparks@sanjuan.edu or at 979-8611. For more information on Stop and Think or Too Good For Violence, visit www.kidshome.org/what-we-do/evibe.


    Information on the Nurturing Parenting Program, a free in-home voluntary program for families with children in grades K-12, can be found in the attached flyer.

    Nurturing Parenting Program

    Nurturing Parenting Program in Spanish

    Recovery Happens: Alternative to Suspension 

    A resource for schools to help students and their families address substance use issues. Offered as an alternative to or in addition to suspension, the teen and their family will: reflect and increase dialogue about the issue, decrease denial, and increase motivation for change. 

Evidence Informed Marijuana Resources

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