at Howe Avenue Elementary
    The Mentorship Program encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talent in the music programs at Howe Avenue Elementary School. These members of the community include high school and college music students, retired music teachers, and professional musicians.

    In exchange for their time, music students interested in teaching gain real world experience and possibly credit towards graduation requirements. Retired teachers and working professionals looking for volunteer work also have an opportunity to do so as well.

    The program offers flexibility of volunteering weekly, monthly, or on a one time basis.

    The volunteers will be under supervision by an instructor and pre-screened.

    If you have questions, please contact Gayle Winney.

    Thank you for your interest! 

    Contact info: 

    Gayle Winney

    Email: Gwinney@sanjuan.edu

Last Modified on January 5, 2020