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  • What is Integrated Math 1 Support and what is it NOT?

    IM1S is a new course for the district that was created with the goal of providing a class where students would get specific content teaching that addresses the major areas for remediation that are needed by incoming students to high school math.

    IM1S is NOT a homework class or a class where the same material being taught in the IM1 class will be repeated. 

    Students will be taught lessons that are specifically designed to address the holes in their math education.  They will be working on material that is mostly pre-algebra in nature.

    Students can expect to do warm-ups every day that will help them to build their skills with math facts.  This is very useful in upper-division math courses when students can quickly recognize math facts. 

    It is my intention to also accelerate those students who can move past the current lessons.  There is a vast degree of understanding and need for remediation among the students who are in the class.  That said, all students will be responsible for ALL content, tests, quizzes, warm-ups, and in-class assignments.  Homework will be assigned based on individual needs.

    This course is an elective, and if at the semester it is determined by both the IM1 teacher and myself that the support class is no longer needed, the student may be given the option to move out and take another elective.  I highly recommend continuing the class, as I will continue to help them progress ahead and learn new math skills.

    There are materials that are being purchased by the district and will be provided to all students once they are received.


Last Modified on January 24, 2020