• Here is the login information for both of our science books:

    SEPUP (our lab book):

    Website: http://ebooks.lab-aids.com/student-resources

    Username: goldriverdc

    Password: science

    GLENCOE* (textbook, you checked one out to take home for the school year):

    Website: http://glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/ose/

    6th Grade Username: FESCCA07

    6th Grade Password: 61f56c2b

    7th Grade Username: FLSCCA07

    7th Grade Password: 02ade4b1

    8th Grade Username: FPSCCA07

    8th Grade Password: f5fa8e24

    *If you have Mac OS X.  The adobe file will not display correctly in the browser with adobe acrobat reader - it will only load the first page.  In order to access the Online Student Edition for Science you will need to download the third party pulg-in for your OS X version from this website:


    Download and install the correct application. Restart your browser and then you should be good to go.


Last Modified on November 5, 2015