We will design and implement a system of learning that honors individual student goals and dreams, while fostering college and career readiness in an environment that supports social, emotional, and physical well-being.

    Action Plans

    • Implement and support effective student-centered instructional practices that engage all students through data-driven, research-based, rigorous, and personalized approaches that support college and career readiness
    • Implement responsive ongoing cycles of professional growth practices at each school site that are data-driven, collaboratively developed, job-embedded, goal-oriented, and aligned to San Juan Unified’s mission and objectives
    • Design and implement collaborative practices that promote mutual accountability to maximize the skills and efficacy of our employees
    • Implement a system of communication and feedback that allows all students to be engaged in the discussion, determination, and implementation of school improvement strategies that are innovative, connected, and responsive to student need
    • Implement effective instructional practices that build relationships, engage students in goal-setting, and foster ongoing reflection so that students’ learning is personalized
    • Establish and implement educational practices that build college/career readiness skills, promote training options, and create opportunities that expose all students to diverse fields
Last Modified on October 9, 2015