We will ensure a collaborative connection among students, staff, families, community members, employee groups, and external supports to create and sustain partnerships based on mutual respect, shared needs, goals, and resources.

    Action Plans

    • Develop and implement customer service standards and training to ensure collaborative connections among all students, staff, families, community members, and external supports
    • Implement strong planning and feedback systems that actively engage impacted stakeholders’ participation to support effective decision-making, collaboration, and continuous improvement
    • Create and maintain resources that support schools and departments in establishing sustainable partnerships that focus on operational efficiencies and student learning
    • Implement a districtwide system to encourage volunteerism inside and outside the classroom and align resources to support service learning opportunities and stronger community connections
    • Develop and implement an orientation process for families to ensure awareness of and access to resources and information to be active partners in their children’s education
    • Develop and implement an employee orientation process that allows staff members to understand the mission and goals of the district, access available resources, and empowers them to contribute based on a shared set of values and expectations
Last Modified on October 9, 2015