Employee request for translation services

  • NEW: Instructions for interpreter requests during Covid-19 measures:

    For meetings requiring multiple language interpretation, please submit interpreter requests prior to creating the Zoom meeting.  The email address(es) for the assigned interpreter(s) is needed to schedule a meeting with the language interpretation feature enabled. Click here to access more complete instructions from the SJUSD portal. 


    Meetings for single language interpretation may choose to include the interpreter as a participant rather than enable the language interpretation feature.  For this option, please include the Zoom meeting url, meeting ID and password on the "Special notes" line of the request form.


    For ASL interpreters, please contact the HR department.

     San Juan Unified employees may use the form below to make translation requests for documents, interpreter meetings and more. 

    For tasks that can be completed via phone, you are encouraged to use the Language Line Solution (Please click here for usage instructions).  
    Click this link for hints regarding working with an interpreter:   Partnering With An Interpreter 
    By law, schools with 15 percent or more students speaking a primary language other than English are required to translate all notices, reports, statements or records sent to parents and guardians. Click this link to access a list of schools that fall into this category. However, as a best practice, we recommend translating in all your school’s major languages even if your population does not meet the 15 percent threshold.
    Here are some pointers for requesting interpreters for Parent Teacher conferences and other large projects. 
    Here is the language identification card for use at school sites.
    We will make every effort to accommodate your request with a San Juan Central interpreter/translation for Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi and Ukrainian languages. For other languages, or when a district interpreter/translator is not available, an outside service provider may be used, and charges might apply. Read our guidelines for more information.  
    Please note: If there is no one requiring an interpreter's services at a meeting or event for which an interpreter has been engaged, the interpreter may be excused after 30 minutes, unless it has been verified someone is coming who will require that interpreter. 
    If you need interpretation services to communicate with families about an emergency occurring on your campus, please call the Community Relations office at (916) 979-8281 for assistance.
    When submitting previously translated documents for updates, highlight any changes since the last translation.  Documents translated in Arabic/Farsi will be returned to requestor in PDF format to protect text integrity. DO NOT attempt to convert the document from PDF to Word to make changes, as this may distort the text. Instead, resend the document with the desired edits highlighted.
    Each document for translation should be submitted as a separate request.  Please allow 10 working days for documents up to 5 pages.  For larger documents, multiple documents totaling more than 5 pages, or emergency translations, please call 916-979-8624 (118143 internal) to make special arrangements.
     REMINDER: We very strongly discourage anyone from using Google Translate, Blackboard or similar applications for translating except in emergency or crisis situations involving an immediate safety issue. Even in those situations, please remember that the Community Relations Department and the English Learner and Multicultural Education Department are resources to help you communicate quickly, effectively and accurately with all of your families. For more routine matters, given sufficient notice, employee translators are available to help provide language support not already available on your campus. Please use the form below to request help.
Last Modified on September 10, 2020