• ILS Field Trips 2015-16

    The ILS students attend community outings at least once a month to practice Independent Living Skills. Students learn how to take public transportation, engage with community businesses, purchase items, and make change.

    September 18th- Bowling at Fireside Lanes

                Students will practice planning a walking route within the community, walking safely within the community, paying for an activity, paying for lunch, and walking back to school.

     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 1     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 2     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 3     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 4

     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 5      MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 6       MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 7     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 8
     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 9     MVHS ILS Bowling Pic 10

    October 16th-Golden Corral

                Students will practice planning a bus route to a desired location, purchasing a bus ticket, taking a city bus, paying for a meal, eating at a restaurant, and catching a return bus home in a timely manner. 

    MVHS ILS Golden Corral Pic 01     MVHS ILS Golden Corral Pic 02     MVHS ILS Golden Corral Pic 03    Mesa Verde HS Golden Corral Pic 04
    MVHS ILS Golden Corral Pic 05  

    November 13th-Costco

                Student will learn how to plan a menu for a large crowd, create a shopping list, take a community bus, purchase items on a shopping list while not going over budget, pay for items, and contact the community bus for a return trip.



    December 11th-Sunrise Mall Christmas Shopping

                Students learned how to create a list of family/friends they want to purchase gifts for, determine the cost of the gift, create a budget, create a list for shopping, contact the neighborhood ride bus for a local trip, take the bus, shop for gifts in the mall while on a budget, have lunch in the mall, and contact the neighborhood bus for a return trip.

    Mesa Verde HS ILS Sunrise Mall Trip 01     Mesa Verde HS ILS Sunrise Mall Trip 02      ILS Sunrise Mall     ILS Sunrise Mall


    January 12th- Snow Day

                Students will learn how to plan a long distance trip on AMTRAK, create a list of needed items for a snow day, create a budget for the day, and shop for needed snow items.


    February 12th- Papa Murphy’s

                Students will learn the vocational skills need for a food service position, students will work in a food service position for 1hr, and students will make a personal pizza, and learn how to bake a pizza in classroom oven.



    April-Country Club Lanes: Bowling, Lazer Tag, Unlimited Pizza
    ILS Country Club Mall Trip ILS Country Club Mall 02 ILS Country Club Mall 03
    ILS Country Club Lane 04 ILS Country Club Mall 05 ILS Country Club Mall 06      

    On Tuesday, April 26, Ms. Barnard's class went on a field trip to Country Club Lanes on Watt Avenue for a day of bowling, laser tag and unlimited pizza =) This outing was paid for by recycling and soup proceeds that the students work hard for all year long.

    We caught two buses each way, and walked a couple of miles, and everyone had a great time.

    Thanks Laser X, for making our day fantastic!!!

Last Modified on April 27, 2016