Links used @ Edison

         Students use their login and log in to Gogle Drive, Google Classroom, Typing.com, etc.
         Students can practice all subjects here, however, not all classes have been set up here. 
         This is one of the two main sites students practice their typing skills. No login needed.
         This site contains a variety of clean stategy and problem solving games. No login needed.
         This site has limited free early literacy practice. No login needed.
         For a fee you can create an account and open more options.
         This has a variety of clean games that enhance reading, writing and number sense
    Prodigy (log in using google)
         This is a leveled math game that students develop their avatar as they progress through increasingly more difficult skills.
         Login to Google Drive first, then click "Sign in with Google" button.
    Info on or download  Scratch
    Info on or download Stykz
Last Modified on January 14, 2020