• What are the Successful Practices?

    • Demonstrates grit/perseverance
    • Exhibits a growth mindset
    • Demonstrates gratitude
    • Demonstrates curiosity
    • Constructively collaborates
    • Demonstrates self discipline – Interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrates self discipline – Class work & Homework 


    Why focus on Practices?

    Research has proven:

    • IQ is not static, nor a predictor of future success
    • Over time, optimism, curiosity, self control and grit have been shown to be important qualities to lifelong learning and success in the workplace
    • The ability to persevere through academic challenges, translates to a thirst for greater knowledge and the ability to face challenges in life.


    How do I use successful practices at home?

    Avoid labels and give growth-mindset praise. Don’t label yourself in ways that model a “fixed mindset” (e.g., I’m a terrible cook….I was never good at math.”)

    Shift your child’s attention to the process that led to outcome. (i.e., cause and effect)

    • Praise and value effort, practice, self-correction, and persistence.
    • Don’t shelter your child from a failed task. Ask “What can you learn from this experience? What could you try differently the next time?” Get curious about your child’s work through questioning
    • How did you figure that out?
    • What’s another way you could have done that?
    • How many times did you try before it turned out that way?
    • What here was challenging and how did you figure it out?
    • What do you plan to do next time?

    Help children get curious about mistakes.

    • Help them reframe a mistake as new information or as a step in the process of learning.

    Help children talk back to negative self-talk with phrases like:

    • I am willing to learn new skills to improve, and I know it will be hard at times.
    • I get better and better with practice, this is hard, but will get easier.
    • Practice makes permanent.

    Model a growth-mindset.

    • For example, at dinner: Tell your child about a time when you didn’t know the answer to a recent question. Who did you ask for help? How did you learn the answer?


    Source:  www.gotocoffeebreak.com


    Successful Practices for Parents