Spirit of San Juan

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    The annual Spirit of San Juan awards honor individuals and groups in our school communities who exhibit exceptional character. This year we received 291 nominations for 228 people, the most ever.
    The honorees for 2015-16 were:  
  • Clarissa Alva - Parent at Thomas Edison Language Institute

    • Quote from nomination form: "Her selfless dedication to improving the lives of the children both on campus, and off, is an inspiration to me...It is in the smallest interactions - the one where she notices a student with tears in his eyes and finds out what has gone wrong and how to make it better, or seeing an anxious parent looking lost and taking the time to walk them to where they need to be and making sure they have the translation and connection they need with their teachers. Clarissa will stop whatever she is doing to comfort and assist. It is that kind of compassion that she displays every day that makes a difference.”

    Bonita Aytch - Coordinator, Family and Community Engagement

    • Quote from nomination form: “Bonita works with our Parent Liaisons and parents from our Equity Committee, as well as a number of community resource agencies in the West End of the district. She is truly a child advocate and does not shy away from difficult conversations about culture and class. She seeks out non-traditional ways to get parent voice heard at the district level by starting our first ever Parent Leadership Academy.”

    Wissam El Qut - Student at Del Campo High School

    • Quote from nomination form: “Wissam is a caring young person that pours herself into helping others. She has earned the respect of her peers and the staff with her character and desire to help others. She carries her herself with integrity, and takes full responsibility for the outcome of whatever she is involved with regardless of the outcome. She is also a tireless worker. She never stops working and strives to be her best in all that she does.”

    Zaid Ibraheem - Translator, San Juan Central

    • Quote from nomination form: “I’m a student from the Middle East and he was always there to help me even before I came here, he helped me fill all the paperwork. He advised me a lot and I listened to him and now I’m really successful because of his advice.”

    Alberto Razo-Gonzalez - Student at Howe Avenue Elementary

    • Quote from nomination form: “As an English Learner, Alberto overcame his fear of public speaking and wrote a speech for the entire school to hear and was elected our Student Body President. He was nervous, but went for it anyway. As a result, he has really grown into such a great young man that I would be proud for him to represent our school and San Juan.”

     Peer guardians - Student group at Mariemont Elementary

    • Quote from nomination form: “They are groups of 5th graders who come at recess and play and interact with the Special Day Class. These peer guardians show positive character by coming out to play every day at recess and interacting with these kids; running and smiling. They promote positive character by being a true peer and making these kids feel special by showing them attention.”
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