Camp Invention Summer Program 2020


    Camp Invention is a free program where students will work at home.  This program is a unique STEM, enrichment camp opportunity where your student will get to explore a different STEM unit each week.  They will work independently at home, with direct access to a troubleshooting line, as necessary.  We look forward to an exciting summer!



    July 6 – July 31, 2020

    For current 2nd - 5th grade students at Title I Schools.



    2020 Camp Invention projects include:

    Camp Invention Flight Lab

    Children explore the principles of flight with the help of their very own robots. Innovation takes off as children engage in hands-on, high-flying challenges and inspiring experiments. Participants will:

    • Discover flight concepts using paper planes, gliders, rockets, heliballs and hand-copters.
    • Design and build a cityscape using upcycled materials.
    • Tap into their natural curiosity as they control and take apart a flight simulation robot.


    Design Thinking Project

    Children gain confidence as they express their unique ideas and learn the value of their creativity. By applying an inventor-informed Design Thinking Process, children are empowered to take their ideas to market and protect their intellectual property.  Participants will:

    • Collaborate, brainstorm and find inspiration to solve real-world problems.
    • Sketch their ideas, build prototypes and design their logos.
    • Learn how to protect their work and promote their products while exercising their rights as creators.


    Rescue Squad

    Children team up to protect the Earth’s ecosystems! As they’re introduced to real-world challenges in habitats across the country, children build prototypes, explore energy conservation, eliminate pollution and help wildlife.  Participants will:

    • Enjoy exciting competition with zipline races and recycling games.
    • Learn how parachutes are used to safely transport animals.
    • Experiment to clean up polluted water and protect vulnerable habitats.


    Camp Invention Champions

    Children discover the game-changing inventors behind their favorite sports. By applying creative problem-solving skills and using inspiration from these great inventors, they develop their own games, equipment and sports facilities.  Participants will:

    • Create and play their own high-energy hover ball games.
    • Trade inventor playing cards to assemble their own “Innovation Dream Team.”
    • Design and build the ultimate sports complex.


    2020 Language and Literacy Instruction Includes:

    • Repeated Interactive Read Aloud
    • Daily Journals
    • Chants
    • Charts and Graphic Organizers
    • Literacy Games 


    For more information, please contact Jennifer Lancaster at 

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