Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium

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    San Juan Unified is a proud member of the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium (SECC). Student-created videos, our district's programming and other programming from around the region, is available to watch on two channels: Cable 15 & 16.


    Highlights from current programming include:
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    Parent University

    Parent University is a series of workshops focused on a variety of topics, including homework strategies, preparing for parent-teacher conferences, how to use technology, attendance, ways to get involved on campus and understanding standardized assessments. Learn more at

    Student Data Privacy

    Protecting student data is important in this era of digital learning. As student privacy data concerns are raised, states are taking action. State and federal laws are often complex and difficult to synthesize. This project informs educators about student data privacy laws, explains how to get the information needed from vendors, shows how to measure and improve data privacy practices and provides ways to respond to parent concerns. 

    Keys to College 

    Students and families can learn how to prepare for high school, plan for college, understand admissions and carve out a lasting path for success. Learn more at


    SECC also hosts the Student Educational Video Awards each year. Students of all ages are encouraged to submit their videos into this competition each year.
Last Modified on June 22, 2018