• Mesa Verde Recycling Program


    The Mesa Verde Recycling Program was one of the first programs of its kind in the San Juan Unified District. The program began 34 years ago with grants from the district and government agencies. Materials are generated across campus, in the classrooms, offices, cafeteria, and outdoor areas. This leads to multiple collection points and a need for school site collection operations.

     Mesa Verde HS Recycling Center Main Sign          Mesa Verde HS Recycling Main Building Roll-up Door
       Mesa Verde Recycling                      Mesa Verde Recycling
         Main Entrance Sign                        Building Roll-up Door 

    Students use the recycling center to separate paper, metals, plastics, and glass picked up across campus. The students enrolled in the ILS vocational skills class will pick up these classroom containers and transfer them to collection bins for each building, then to the central site location.

     Mesa Verde HS Recycling Program Cardboard Pickup          Mesa Verde HS Recycling Paper Bins
       Mesa Verde Recycling                     Mesa Verde Recycling
        Cardboard Pickup                           Paper Separation Bins

    The level of appropriate student participation varies based on the ability and level of independence. New students traditionally participate with direct supervision and can consolidate recyclables into the central collection points. Veteran students and Teachers Assistants will take on leadership roles in the program. 

    Student participation in collection and sorting efforts both as volunteers and as an integrated part of classroom activities is essential to maximizing diversion, minimizing contamination, and ensuring efficiency. It is important that students volunteer for efforts that are not directly tied to a specific classroom lesson or project. Requiring students to perform regular labor as part of the curriculum teaches valuable vocational skills while supporting the ILS program.

       Mesa Verde HS Recycling Side Courtyard with Trees
          Mesa Verde Recycling
           Side Courtyard Area
Last Modified on January 26, 2016