Traffic Plan

  • Please drive slowly and cautiously near the school.  During the five drop off/pick up times during the day there will be traffic. Everyone’s patience and willingness to work together will be greatly appreciated. 

    Kindergarten students –
    All Kindergarten students will be dropped off and picked up near the Discovery Club building.  Parents may drive through the parking lot and have their child exit the vehicle near Discovery Club or parents may park on Fleetwood.  A teacher will be there to assist and ensure safety at all Kindergarten drop off/pick up times.  The Kindergarten students will enter their classroom through the playground gate at the end of the sidewalk.  Older students being dropped off with the Kindergarteners will follow the school sidewalk around the parking lot, past the front of the MP room and out to their playground.

    1st through 5th graders -   
    There are two options for dropping off and picking up 1st through 5th grade students.
    Parents may drop off and pick up their students:
    • On Chesline – There is an opening in the fence that is used to enter the playground.  Students may be dropped off anywhere along the sidewalk and safely walk to the gate.
    • On Fleetwood - Students may enter the campus from Fleetwood on either side of the MP Room. They should then proceed directly to the playground.

    Discovery Club students –

    Because it is necessary for parents to sign their children in and out of Discovery Club, two short-term parking slots have been designated for this purpose in the parking lot near the Discovery Club building.  Parents should make a right turn when exiting the parking lot during heavy traffic times. 

    Helpful Hints –
    • Drop your child/children off on the “school side of the street”.  This means you should travel west to east if using Chesline for drop off/pick up.  Travel north to south on Fleetwood if using the front of the school for drop off/pick up.  Doing this may cause your driving route to be longer, but it will be much safer for the students.
    • If your child must cross the street, instruct them to always use crosswalks.
    • Teach your child to enter and exit the car safely and quickly (no last minute conversations).
    • Do not pass around another car, make a U-turn, double park or move quickly when near the school.
    • Limit blue tooth/cell phone use while driving near the school.
    • Clarify with your child where you will be picking them up.
    • There are 8 parking spaces for “visitors” in the front parking lot.  The parking lot on the north side of the cafeteria is reserved for staff members.
    • The front parking lot is closed to most thru traffic.  Exceptions are those needing handicap parking, Discovery Club drop off/pick up, daycare vans and anyone transporting Kindergarten students.
    Thank you in advance for your patience and input.  We will send home updates as we determine ways to improve the drop off/pick up plan. 
Last Modified on May 21, 2014