1. Click on drop-down menu item "DEPARTMENTS & STAFF"
    2. Click on "Academic Departments "
    3. Click on "Calendar" under "English" heading in left-side navigation panel
    4. Change Month if applicable
    5. Click on Day and Period you wish to reserve the computer cart
    6. Check to see that "Seat Availability" is not zero
    7. Click "Sign In" (if needed)
    8. Type your User Name in box (if needed)
    9. Type your Password in box (if needed)
    10. Click "Sign In" button (if needed)
    11. Click on "Register" button
    12. Supply information for intended use
    13. Supply information for room location
    14. Click "Register Now" button
    15. Screen should show "I'm Registered"
    16. Repeat steps for other periods and/or dates


     To check your reservations:

    • Click on any calendar
    • Click on "My Events" button
    • Click on "View" button if more detail is desired
    • Click on "Cancel Reservation" if you want to cancel a previous reservation




Last Modified on February 27, 2016