Programs & Philosophy

  • Twin Lakes takes great pride in the many outstanding programs available to our students. 
    We offer a rich and engaging program for our identified GATE students and other Advanced Learners that includes depth and breadth throughout the entire educational experience; not only the classroom experience, but also our supplemental GATE program, and the many performing arts opportunities. By providing differentiated instruction for our GATE students, we have a large percentage of students qualifying for the middle schools High Achiever and Advanced Placement programs.
    Students engage in creative expression in the fine arts through our art, instrumental and vocal music specialists’ programs, as well as our classroom teachers’ programs. Opportunities include yearlong band, strings, and guitar programs, a choir program, a Patriotic play, the Nutcracker, and the Rock n Roll show. We also participate in the art docent program.  (Check out our grade level list of Arts Integration Activities to the right!)  
    Our school has one P.E. specialist who offers outstanding instruction and opportunities such as Jump Rope for Heart and Field Day.
    Twin Lakes has a media center, staffed by a media technician that is adjacent to one of our two technology centers. We employ a technology specialist, and each classroom has teacher and student workstations. 
    On-going student programs include the Student Council, cross grade buddy program, Author Day, Science Fair, Wax Museum, Talent Show, Book Fair, Spelling Bee, and our Travel Fair. 
    We have an on-site Discovery Club that offers a before and after school child care/enrichment program serving children in Kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Arts Integration Activities

  • Kindergarten

    • Theme writing with art project, i.e. snow “people”, winter snowflakes
    • Art Centers
      • Clay
      • Painting – water colors
      • Beads – seeds
      • Crafts – “your creations”
      • Cooking
    • Movement activities:
      • Education Through Music – daily music!
      • Walk/jogs
      • Playground games
      • Dance – Kelly Williams movement with music
    • Programs
      • Thanksgiving
      • Mother’s Day

    1st Grade

    • Class Rotations
      • Physical fitness
      • Playground rules/play
      • Relays with P.E.
      • Walk/jog
      • Pilates
      • Yoga
      • Dance
      • Poetry
    • Prepare for Art Ark
    • Directed drawing
    • Program preparation
    • Blankets
    • Snowflakes, snowmen
    • Water color
    • Holiday/cultural projects

    2nd Grade

    • Grandparent program: music & poetry
    • Directed drawing
    • Water colors aligned with curriculum
    • Math: 3D geometry art
    • Reader’s Theatre
    • Copy master work from art docent
    • Animal Hat Reader’s Theatre: student authors
    • Puzzles
    • Tan Gram Math Extension
    • Physical Activity Games (4-Square, etc.)

    3rd Grade

    • Theater:
      • Puppet plays (stick puppets)
      • Dramatic Historical re-enactment (explorers)
      • Musical/play (solar system)
      • Peter and the Wolf (“mapping the music”)
      • Interpretive Movement (Kelly Williams)
      • Stave game (Maidu N.A.) “act out”
    • Art:
      • California collage (regions)
      • California cookie (maps, cooking)
      • Quilting squares (ELA)
      • Explorer/water color maps (painting)
      • Animal Habitat drawings (crayon/marker)
      • Squared arrays (math/quilting)
      • Collage integrated with science
      • Soap carving
    • Games:
      • Education Through Music/P.E. games

    4th Grade

    • Snowflake making
    • Cup Rhythm game
    • Jacks & jump rope
    • Native American games
    • Education Through Music games
    • Jigsaw puzzles
    • Kickball/wall ball
    • Directed drawing with YouTube
    • Play based on classroom literature
    • Future
      • Weaving
      • Play/drama
      • Square dance

    5th Grade

    • Paper crane origami
    • Garage Band (computers)
    • Giants, Trolls, Goblins game
    • Legend of Sleepy Hollow – trees (paint)
    • Cell projects
    • Snowflakes coinciding with science concepts
    • Patriotic music/recorders
    • Frunning with Mrs. Wilson
    • Group singing
    • Cooperative games
    • Cornucopia

    6th Grade

    • Weaving
      • Early Humans
    • Geoboards
      • Math – design, spatial reasoning
    • Clay Masks
    • Recorders with Carrie (the band teacher)
    • String art
    • Outside team building activities
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