The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is California's new system of state assessments comprising the year-end Smarter Balanced computerized assessment, the science assessments and the Alternate Assessments.   

CAA Testing Window 2018

    The California Alternate Assessment have been developed by the California Department of Education to ensure all students are able to participate in assessments that are commensurate with their ability.   Students who have a significant cognitive disability that prevent them from taking the CAASPP -Smarter Balanced test and/or the California Science Test (CAST) and have an individualized education program (IEP) that designates alternate assessment for the statewide assessment take the CAA English Language Arts/literacy (ELA), math or science assessment, depending on their grade.  
    To help guide IEP teams on whether the CAA is the most appropriate assessment for a student, view the Guidance for Participation in the Alternate assessment for IEP team.    
    CAA in ELA and Math: The CAA in ELA and mathematics is administered to students in grades 3 - 8 & 11 if they demonstrate eligibility.  The ELA and math assessment is a stage-adaptive test that is administered in a one-to-one setting, using computer technology.  The test routes students to different levels of items based on their response.  A certificated, trained test examiner, familiar with the student and their communication ability administers the test to the student.  
    CAA for Science (Pilot Year): Students who demonstrate eligibility and are in grades 5, 8 and HS take the CAA for science assessment. CAA for science is a performance task assessment designed to be administered as an instructional activity.  The certificated teacher presents a collection of activities and questions to the student in an individualized setting.   The 2017-2018 school year is a pilot year for CAA - science; during the pilot phase scores are not provided to students. 



    Testing Window

    California Alternate Assessment

    English Language Arts (ELA) and Math

    Grades 3 – 8 & 11 
    04/09/18 - 05/25/18
    (testing dates are site specific)

    Science Pilot

    Grades 5, 8 & HS (Guidance on HS grade selection not yet provided by CDE) 

CAA Training Test

  • To help students become familiar with the test, a training test is available.  Follow the three steps below to access the test:
    1. Click on this link to access the accompany guide that is needed when administering the ELA and math assessment: CAA Directions for Administration training script

           2. Next, download the instructions on how to access the practice test. Select the appropriate link depending the device you are using to run the practice test:  

          3. Follow the instructions downloaded in step 2 or start by clicking the link below.  This will redirect you to the practice test login page.
       CAA Training Test   

CAA Test Administration Resources

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