• Hospitality and Culinary Arts

    This Home Economics Careers and Technology pathway is made up of three integrated sequential courses that lead to entry level job opportunities, a community college technical preparation certificate or associate of arts degree, or a four year university degree. 
    Students are able to develop skills in culinary arts, catering, cake decorating, and baking with the opportunity to earn college credits. Community college credits may be earned towards a food service Management or Culinary Arts Degree at American River College and university credits may be earned for Johnson & Wales University and the Culinary Institute of America. The CIA presentation, part of the Digital Kitchen, will take place on November 15th, 2013.
    At the 11th grade level, students in the Restaurant and Commercial Food Preparation class manage and operate a restaurant simulation and cater both school and community events.  
    At the 12th grade level, Bakery and Pastry students simulate a commercial bakery operation, prepare bakery orders for staff and the public and participate in on the job training at both in-store and specialty bakeries.  
    Students at all levels develop a professional portfolio.  Students also participate in guest speaker presentations, field trips, FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA leadership activities, and compete for scholarships.

    Articulation Agreement with Johnson & Wales University Approved

    New San Juan High School Hospitality Management Program has passed for the FAST (Freshman Advanced Study Track) Program with Johnson & Wales University.  New San Juan High School Culinary Arts students need t 
    1. Complete a minimum of 2 years in our commercial foods program
    2. Maintain an overall "C" average or better and earn a "B" average or better in the Hospitality Management program
    3. Meet all the requirements for acceptance to JWU
    4. Send a letter of recommendation from a food service instructor
    Once students have been accepted for admission, they will earn transfer credit for the following culinary arts laboratory segments for 9 credit hours total:
    1. CUL1345  Introduction to Baking and Pastry
    2. CUL1355  New World Cuisine
    3. CUL1385  Fundamentals of Food Service Production
    An additional 1.5 credit hours can be earned by presenting a sanitation certificate from the National Restaurant Association.  This will exempt students from JWU's sanitation course. 
    Articulation Agreement with Culinary Institute of America Approved
    The CIA Articulation Agreement offers benefits to those students who have successfully completed at least two years of the culinary arts program. These benefits include:
    • Fulfillment of our foodservice experience requirement
    • Possible ServSafe® Sanitation Certificate transfer credit
    • An annually renewable Articulation Grant of $4,000 (a total of $16,000 for the bachelor's program) along with other scholarship opportunities
    • A special application fee waiver code

    Sequence of Hospitality Management Courses:

    Sequence of Courses 

     9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
    English 1English 2English 3English 4
    Algebra 2 
    Algebra 2
    AP Calculus  
    Math Analysis
    AP Calculus 
    AP Biology  
    AP Biology 
    World HistorySS Elective/Health U.S. HistoryAmerican Government/Economics 
    PE 1 PE 2 Catering Production Catering Production 
    Freshman Academy Introduction to Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Occupations Level I or Baking & Pastry Level ICulinary Arts Occupations Level II or Decorating Arts Level II
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