• Media Arts
    San Juan High School seeks to address the growing need for digital artists in the workplace with a Digital Media Pathway for students who seek training in design, production, and distribution of digital art. According to the 2008 National Occupations Handbook:
    Demand for multimedia artists and animators will increase as consumers continue to demand more realistic video games, movie, and television special effects, and 3D animated movies. Additional job openings will arise from the increasing demand for Web site development and for computer graphics adaptation from the growing number of mobile technologies. Animators are also increasingly finding work in alternative areas such as scientific research or design services. [Occupational Handbook, 2008]
    Students in the Digital Media Pathway are introduced to a variety of skills essential to working in today's media-related fields.
     Concepts and Technologies offered include
    • Video Editing and Production
    • Photography
    • Field Recording
    • Studio Recording
    • Remote Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Specialty Photography and Video Equipment- 
    • Website Development
    The media labs at San Juan High School use powerful Apple computers with industry standard software to teach video production, web design, and studio management. The Tv studio is has a 3 camera capability with a modern control room for creating news programs. specialty video and photography projects.
     videographer reporter  
     Remote Production aerial  
Last Modified on July 8, 2019