•  Folded Book Art Fundraiser for Bella Vista Library

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    Book art is a perfect gift for any special occasion.  We can create many custom names, initials, and phrases.  Many images are available.  Prices range from $20 to $50 depending on number of pages and decorating specification.  A 50% down payment is due prior to any personalized items being created (names, dates, phrases).  Once an item has been created for you, the remaining balance is due.  Refunds will not be given for these specially created works of art.  Harry Potter book art could require a Harry Potter book provided by the customer.
    Contact Susan Sloan at susloan@sanjuan.edu (916)971-5030 for more information or to place an order.
    Click here for a list of book art available.
    Below are some of our completed pieces:

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    Baby with feet   Triple Hearts   Double Notes
            Baby with feet                                    Triple Hearts                                   Double Notes
    Names    Initials     50th anniversary
                   Names                                                  Initials                                    Anniversary
    I heart you    Heart in Paw   Love with heart o
            I heart U                                        Paw with heart center                 Love with heart O
    2 Inverted hearts linked    Bird with hearts    Me You hearts
          Double linked inverted hearts             Bird w/ hearts                         Me/You hearts
    Batman and Mini     Hogwarts
            Batman                           Mini Mouse                                         Hogwarts
       Butterfly 1   Butterfly 2
                        Flower                                   Butterfly 1                                      Butterfly 2
    Believe       Snow   skull
               Believe                                                        Snow                                     Skull
    Shamrock    2 Bunnies with Heart   Sidways bunny
         Shamrock                                    2 bunnies w/ heart                   Sideways bunny
    Music with note i    Ballerina   Dragon
                Music w/ note i                                    Ballerina                              Dragon             
      Mom fold   Dragonfly  Turtles
                Mom in Heart                 Dragonfly                   Cute Turtle              Tribal Turtle
    Mini Crown    Fancy Cross   Home w/ roof
           Mini Crown                                     Fancy Cross                               Home w/ roof
    Heart Paw Heart   Hearts   Flowers on Ledge
          Paw heart paw                         Wonky heart and plain heart          Flowers on a ledge
    Celtic knot    Irish knot    Yin Yang
          Double Celtic knot                            Irish knot                                     Yin and Yang
    Sun    Praying hands with cross   Mini snowflake
                            Sun                                  Praying hands w/ cross              Mini snowflake
    Mini christmas    Trick or Treat   Tractor
               Mini ornament and tree                          Trick or Treat                                Tractor
    Owl       Micky ears   Wedding
                       Owl                                                         Micky                               Wedding
     Mom in heart   Treble clef and single note   
              Mom in heart                             Treble clef          Single note           

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