• WorkAbility SJUSD
    The San Juan Unified School District's Special Education WorkAbility Department is collecting post secondary transition outcome data from students who completed our program during the previous school year.
    We will reach out to former students and parents via email and telephone calls. 
     Options for completing the survey:
    • complete the survey digitally via the link emailed to graduates and parents
    • complete the survey digitally via the survey embedded on this website (see below)
    • directly link to the survey at  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SJUSDpostsecondary2018 
    • contact the SJUSD WorkAbility office at 916-979-8610 and complete the survey over the phone
    • in mid April our office will reach out via telephone to graduates who did not complete the digital survey

    Thanks for your participation!

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Last Modified on March 16, 2018