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    2021-2022 Quiz Bowl Information

    1. Continued uncertainty of tournament dates and virtual or not

    2. Initial Meeting: Monday - August 16, 2021 for <30 Minutes

    3. First practice Monday - August 30 - 7th/8th. 

    4. First practice Tuesday - August 31 - 6th.

    5. Expect practices to last 2:45-~4:15.

    6. Expected fee for the year will be $50 (unless you make a top team)


    The Quiz Bowl Guide I wish I had


    2020-2021 Quiz Bowl Results

    National Champions!!!

    National Champions!

    Super Team!

    Super Team!

    Top of the World

    Top of the World!

    MSNCT Championship Video

    - Semi-Final (so close) and Final Matches


    3 Teams to Nationals


    Aatreyo Bhattacharyya 8th A
    Tanay Bodducherla 8th A
    Siya Mishra 8th A
    Lavanya Gnanakumar 8th A
    Anish Borole 8th B
    Siv Vivekanandhan 7th B
    Daniel Chen 8th B
    Advik Patel 8th B
    Arnav Mahendra 8th C
    Julius Alva 8th C
    Vinh Phan 8th C
    Saheb Gulati 8th C


    Many New Faces in a COVID - Zoom Year

    Many New Faces 

    Hosted a Jeopardy Winner

    Hosted a Jeopardy Champ


    Initial meeting: August 31st at 3PM on Zoom.

     You need a device with sound.
     Second 6th grade practice Tuesday, September 8 from 3PM to 4:15PM. Future 6th practices are on Tuesdays.
     First 7th/8th grade practice is Monday, September 14 from 3PM - ~~ 4:15PM. Future 7/8 practices are on Mondays.

    Zoom Link for initial meeting and first practice:

    There are no tournaments scheduled at this time. Plans are in the works for an online middle school tournament in the fall.

    If you want to form teams of 4, please email me the names of team members. 




     2020 Quiz Bowl

    Churchill's A-C teams have qualified for a trip to Chicago - May 2020.

    2020 Quiz Bowl Nationals Cancelled.  :( :(



    71 kids having a blast!

    Most quiz bowl teams from one school in a single tournament ---- EVER!! - even our Q team rocked 


    A-Team scored 9th most points per game tournament average for the country ---- EVER!!


    2019 Quiz Bowl

    We went to Nationals again (x4)!


    May 9-12, 2019

    3 teams qualified! 12 Churchill students off to windy city!!

    A Team - 2nd in Nation!


    2nd in Nation!!!

    13 definitely is Churchill's lucky quiz bowl number! B Team finishes 13th!


    Churchill B Team for 2019


    13th in Country!!



    Shohom Chakraborty 8th A Team
    Aditya Sivakumar 8th A Team
    Elyas Nuh 7th A Team
    Soumya Bukkapatnam (Captain) 8th A Team
    Arjun Gonuguntla 8th B Team
    Ananya Bukkapatnam (Captain) 8th B Team
    Nipun Dour 8th B Team
    Tanay Bodducherla 6th B Team
    Aatreyo Bhattacharyya 6th C Team
    Nithin Danday 8th C Team
    Samhita Kumar (Captain) 8th C Team
    Aditya Anantaraman 7th C Team



    Chicago 2019 - Skydeck



    May 10-13, 2018
    Chicago, IL
    Congrats to Churchill's 2017-2018 national teams.
    Govind Gnanakumar (Captain) 
    Tarun Venkat
    Shohom Chakaborty
    Aditya Sivakumar
    Akul Kudari (Captain)
    Skanda Vasishta
    Peter Nelson
    Elyas Nuh
    Touring Chi Town
     Top of the World
     Team Pic
    For the first time ever both Churchill teams advanced to Sunday's finals! It was also the largest NAQT middle school tournament with 192 teams competing. Both teams finishing in the top 60 in the country!
    The B team lost close matches on Sunday and were eliminated in the morning. The A team played strong matches and advanced to the round of 13. The team played super and came within a question of at least a top 8 finish. 13 seems to be Churchill's lucky quiz bowl number! There are now national quiz bowl rankings and this team was consistently listed in the 10 teams in the country.
    JV Champs at Leonardo Da Vinci school.
    JV Champs at Da Vinci MS
    Extremely competitive tournament in Dallas, TX. We beat the Number 1 team and went to overtime with the runner-up.  Team did a super job and finished 13th in the nation out of 160 teams. This year's team also competed in UC Berkeley's Cal Cup series. We competed in the high school JV division and finished in 2nd place for all 4 tournaments.

    Congrats to Churchill's 2016-2017 A team. 

    Syrus Aslam
    Govind Gnanakumar
    Achyuta Ramesh
    Rohan Shelke (Captain)
    Tarun Venkat
    Churchill hosted two regional tournaments in the 2016-2017 school year and its top teams attended multiple day long tournaments in the Bay Area. 7 teams participated in the Churchill Fall Tournament. Teams have 4 to 5 students with up to 4 competing at one time. 
    We compete in Norcal Quiz Bowl Alliance and NAQT tournaments throughout the school year. Top teams often practice on weekends off campus.
    Reunion Tower - Dallas
    Our top 2 teams qualified for the National Quiz Bowl Tournament in 2016. Quiz Bowl team members are extremely competitive. We won a High School JV tournament and traveled to Danville in the Bay Area the next day finishing 2nd and 8th in a tournament including the top teams in CA.

    Team A (Finished 13th in nation! Fantastic!! - 2016)

    Aditya Rajavelu
    Achyuta Ramesh
    Shreenithi Madan (Captain)
    Vrishank Krishnamurthy
    Rohan Shelke  
    Great Kpb!

    Team B (Finished 62 in nation! Super!!)

    Joseph Dalessi
    Harish Vasanti (Captain)
    Govind Gnanakumar
    Akul Kudari 
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