Site Safety Plans

  • All schools, in our district, have and maintain a "Comprehensive School Safety Plan". The Plans are available for review at the school site.
    SB 187 (Chapter 736, Stats. 1998) requires every school to adopt a comprehensive school safety plan by September 1, 1998.
    The plan includes:
    • Assessment of the current status of school crime committed on the campus and school-related functions.

    • Identification of the appropriate strategies and programs to provide or maintain a high level of school safety, and it addresses the school's procedures for complying with existing laws related to school safety, including the development of all of the following (key elements):

      • Child abuse reporting procedures.   
      • Disaster procedures - routine and emergency.
      • School discipline, suspension and expulsion procedures and alternative educational programs for pupils who are expelled.
      • Procedures for teacher notification of students who have been suspended or expelled for any act other than tobacco-related offenses.
      • The sexual harassment policy (for students and staff).
      • Provisions of the school-wide dress code that prohibits students from wearing gang related apparel, if one has been adopted, and which must define "gang-related apparel".
      • Procedures for safe egress and egress of pupils, parents, and employees to and from school.
      • A safe and orderly environment conducive to learning at the school.
      • Rules and procedures on school discipline.
      • Hate Crimes 

    Emergency Planning Documents

Last Modified on June 25, 2014