Weekly Content Analysis

  • Due Each Week in All Classes 

    At the end of each week of class (except for finals) a content synthesis assignment is due. The requirements are as follows:

    1. Uses vocabulary introduced during the week
    2. Properly explains the content covered during the week
    3. Attempts to connect the content and vocabulary to the "real world".


    The purpose of this assignment is to get you applying the information covered in class to your own real-life experiences. 

    Basic outline

    To complete the assignment follow the outline below. There are only two paragraphs required for this assignment and each of them are generally pretty brief. The point is to make you reflect on what has been covered in class as well as have you practice summarizing, succinctly, copious amounts of information. 

    First Paragraph: Content review

    Write a quick (3-5) sentence summary of the content covered in class that week. Make sure to include any new vocabulary introduced during the week. If possible, draw a connection between the main ideas from the content:


    The fundamental economic problem is scarcity which says that there are an unlimited amount of wants and needs but only a limited amount of resources. This forces individuals, companies, and even countries to make touch choices. Some of these choices are "what to produce?, how to produce it?, and for whom to produce?" If scarcity didn't exist, if all our needs and wants could be satisfied without having to make any choices then the study of economics wouldn't exist. 

    Second Paragraph: Real World Connection

    Write another short paragraph (3-5 sentences) where you connect the content to your own experiences in the real world, what you imaging the real world to be like, or even from our daily CNN Student News. 



    Scarcity is everywhere around me. When I have to decide which class to study for or even if I should study at all, I am deciding how to use my scarce resource (time) in a way that maximizes my happiness. If I had an unlimited amount of time I would be able to hang out with friends, go to the gym, and complete all of my homework while still getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, if economics teaches us anything, that is not possible because there will always be an unlimited amount of wants (what to do with my time) and a limited amount of resources (free time).


    When is it due?


    In some cases there might be time at the end of class on Friday to write your summary but plan on having it ready to go when you show up to class each friday. 


Last Modified on July 6, 2016