How I grade

  • How does the grading scale work?

    The grading scale is based on an attempt to better show the student their level of mastery. The scale takes indicators such as "Beginning", "Emerging", or "Proficient" and assigns them a corresponding number. Each assignment will be graded using the scale. For assignments that have more than 4-5 questions on them, the amount of correct responses that correspond to the varying scales is different each time based on the complexity of the assignment.

    Below are a few resources to further explain the purpose and rationale of the grading scale:

    The Case Against Percentage Grades

    The Case Against the Zero 

    Toothbrushes and Penalties 

    Grades That Show what Students Know


    Check out the Prezi below for more information on the use of a scale in the classroom. 

Last Modified on July 6, 2016