Electronic Device Guidelines

    • An increasing number of students are bringing walkman-type radios, video games, skateboards, toys, CD’s, and other distractive items to school. Electronic devices like beepers and pagers are prohibited. Not only are these items vulnerable to damage, or theft, they are disruptive. Please do not allow your student to bring radios, iPods, walkmans, or other electronic items to school. If a student is referred to the office for disrupting the class, we will hold the item until a parent is able to pick it up.
    • Cell phones must remain in a student’s backpack during the school day. Calls (and text messaging) are not allowed during the day. Use of the cell phone camera must be limited to off campus activities. In the event of a school emergency, teachers and/or law enforcement personnel will inform students when cell phones can be used to call parents. These guidelines are established through our Safe Schools protocols and must be followed for the safety of the full school community.

    A student's cell phone may be taken if they are found to be using it during school hours. Parents must come to the school to pick up the cell phone (or other electronic device). At that time, the administrator and parent will discuss the situation and the determination will be made by the administrator as to whether the student will be allowed to carry the device from that time forward.

Last Modified on May 24, 2014