• El Sereno is an Independent Study High School. As such, we are a performance based program as opposed to the seat based model of traditional high schools.


    Some items to consider in determining if our school is a good fit:


    Master Teacher
    • Each student is assigned a master teacher who is their contact person at El Sereno. Students work closely with their master teacher in all areas of their education.
    Time on campus
    • Each student meets with their master teacher for a specific block of time every week.  Their schedule is determined with their master teacher and is based on their graduation needs and goals.  Our students are typically scheduled to be on campus one to two times a week. 
    • El Sereno offers auxiliary/small group classes and labs in math, biology, physics, PE, music, and art, to name a few. These classes, which are scheduled during the week, will require extra days/times of attendance on campus.
    Credits and Graduation
    • Students come to El Sereno with varying degrees of credits completed. Some students may be on track to graduate on time, some may be ahead with the goal of graduating early, while others may be behind trying to catch up. Independent Study can accommodate all these students.  However, students must be motivated and responsible enough to work at a pace that will allow them to complete their graduation requirements on time.
    • Students are expected to complete enough credits to meet El Sereno’s graduation requirement of 220 credits by the end of their fourth year of high school. For example, students who are on track to graduate must complete 27.5 credits per semester to continue staying on track. Students who are deficient in credits will need to complete more credits per semester to catch up. The difference in credits needed is based on current credits upon enrollment at El Sereno.
    • Our counselor is available to help students set their educational and graduation goals and time lines.
    Attendance and absences
    • Attendance is determined by the amount of work produced (credits completed) each week. If students do not complete work, they will accrue unexcused absences that can jeopardize their enrollment.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 1.25 credits per week to meet Independent Study attendance requirements.
    • Students/Parents are responsible for keeping their regularly scheduled teacher appointments. Lack of transportation is not a valid excuse for missing school. 
    • If an emergency arises or a student is ill, they may contact their Master Teacher to reschedule their meeting so as not to accrue absences.
    Continued Enrollment
    • We are dedicated to student success; if satisfactory educational progress is not being made at El Sereno the student will be referred back to their traditional high school. 
Last Modified on July 23, 2020