School Office

  • School Secretary: Kathy Leachman
    School Clerk: Jessica York

    All volunteers that are on campus are requested to sign in and get a visitor "badge" at the school office. Additionally, if you are a driver/chaperone on a day field trip, we request that you sign in at the front office before departing with your assigned students.

    If you are missing a flier or need a form that a teacher sent home, you may be able to find it online at the school website,, or on the teacher web page. You can pick up a hard copy in the school office.


    Attendance: Reporting Student Absences

    Call the attendance clerk at (916)575-2362 to report ALL absences and late arrivals. Email notices regarding absences/late arrivals will receive a call from the school office.

    Failure to call in or return a call from the school office regarding a student's absence will result in the student being recorded as truant in the school district attendance database.

    Children who arrive late to school (after the bell has rung) must go directly to the school office to check-in and receive a pass before going to their classroom.

    Unless there is an actual emergency we will NOT interrupt the classroom.

    Requests for Independent Study and Temporary Home Assignments must be made 10 business days in advance of departure.

Last Modified on March 26, 2019