Arden Middle School

    Physical Education Course Syllabus-Mrs. Cox



    Instructor: Heather Cox

    Email: heather.cox@sanjuan.edu

    Teacher website: Heather Cox/ Web Page


    Course Objective:

    • Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of non-traditional physical activities to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.
    • Students will be given opportunities to improve movement skills and movement knowledge.
    • Students will be given opportunities to improve fitness skills and fitness knowledge
    • Students will be given opportunities to improve and develop socially and personally.
    • This physical education program emphasizes the teaching concepts of health–related fitness as well as team and individual sports following the State of California Physical Education Standards.



    • Be on time
    • Respectful, responsible, and safe behavior at all times
    • Come prepared with the proper PE uniform (shirt, shorts, shoes)
    • Participate to the best of your ability
    • Bring your best effort and attitude



    Parent/Medical excuses:


                All students are expected to participate daily.  Students are allowed one (1) parent/medical excuse per quarter and one (1) personal excuse per quarter. 


    Parent excuse:  Can excuse a student for up to five days.  Must be signed and dated

    Medical excuse: For extended or severe illness/injury.  Must be signed and dated. 

    Personal excuse: Can be used if a note is forgotten or the students illness/injury comes about during the school day.


    Any non-participation beyond the allowed number per quarter will not be eligible for make-ups.



                All students are expected to dress in appropriate uniform each day.  Non-suits are defined as any uniform not meeting the department requirements. 

                1st non-suit of quarter:  warning

                2nd non-suit of quarter:  call or email home, loss of points (academic, citizenship, effort)

                3rd non-suit of quarter:  lunch detention, loss of points

                4th or more: administrative consequences


    Grading System:

    Students will be assessed based on Standards-Based Rubrics: 


    Grading Scale: 


    4= 100-76%  MASTERY OF STANDARD

    3= 75-51%    MEETS STANDARD


    1= 25-0 %     DOES NOT MEET STANDARD


    Weekly Grading: 


    Students will have the opportunity to earn 4 points a day.

    1)    Daily procedures: Dressed and on time

    2)    Warm up: Dynamic stretching and Cardio warm up

    3)    Participation:  Actively engaged in daily tasks

    4)    Citizenship:  Sportsmanship, following rules, positive attitude



    Standard 1 Movement Skills: Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. 


    Standard 2 Movement Knowledge: Students demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.


    Standard 3 Fitness Skills: Students assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.


    Standard 4 Fitness Knowledge: Students demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance.


    Standard 5 Social Development: Students demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.



    Effort will be based on active participation, being prepared, risk taking, perseverance, and commitment to the activity, initiative and following directions.  Grade will be based on a 4,3,2,1 rubric.



    Personal Development:  This grade is based on the ability to demonstrate a high level of accountability, responsibility, friendliness toward others and consistently having a positive attitude.



    Students will be assessed through Formative (practice) and Summative (culminating) assessments. Students may be given skill assessments, peer assessments, checklist, written assessments or projects to determine their knowledge of Physical Education concepts.


    Absences/Make-ups/Missing assignments

    Missing assignments must be turned in before the end of the grading period.




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