Cowan PTC By-Laws



    The club shall be known as the Cowan Parent Teacher Club.


    The Cowan Parent Teacher Club has been formed in order to encourage effective parent involvement in all Cowan School activities and to establish good communication between the school and the parents.  Through input from parents and staff members, this club will work with the staff and administrators to establish and support goals that enhance the most effective environment for student learning.


    Membership shall include any person who shares in the interests and concerns of the Cowan Parent Teacher Club and James R. Cowan Fundamental School.  All those willing to promote the objectives of this club shall be a member.


    The dues of the Cowan Parent Teacher Club shall be established annually by the Cowan Parent Teacher Club governing Executive Board.  In lieu of collecting dues for membership, the governing Executive Board may collect tax deductible donations from its members.


    General meetings of the Cowan Parent Teacher Club shall be scheduled and conducted monthly September to May with an optional December meeting.  All meetings will be held at Cowan School unless notices are sent to the contrary.  Written notice of all Cowan Parent Teacher Club meetings will be sent to the membership.  Special meetings may be held when necessary.

    The agenda shall be prepared by the governing Executive Board and will be made available to the membership prior to all scheduled general meetings.

    A quorum vote, including the President or Vice President, either the Secretary or Treasurer, one Executive Teacher Representative, one teacher-at-large is necessary to approve any policy or financial activity of the club, at a general meeting.


    A nominating committee shall be appointed in February to review candidate qualifications and present nominations at the April meeting.  This committee shall consist of anyone from the membership excluding any candidate for office.  A vote will be taken at the April general meeting.  Newly elected officers will be responsible for assuming the duties at the beginning of the school year.

    The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, School Principal and One Teacher Representative.

    Terms of office shall be for one year.  An officer may be re-elected any number of times with the approval from the general membership.

    An officer may resign his or her office at any time by giving two weeks notice to the Executive Board.  Any records, funds or other items pertaining to that office must be turned over at the time of resignation.

    It is the duty of all officers and committee chair people to attend all meetings.  When unable to attend a meeting, the officer must prepare a status report and designate an alternate to present the report to the President or Vice President prior to the scheduled meeting.

    The following officers are responsible for these duties.


    The President shall preside over all Cowan Parent Teacher Club meetings and have general supervision over its affairs, and shall, with the cooperation of the Executive Board, conduct all emergency matters affecting this club.  The President shall be ex-officio (a non-voting member). A member of all committees and may call meetings whenever deemed necessary.

    Vice President-

    The Vice President shall assist the President and shall act for, and in place of, the President at the request of or during the President’s absence.  The Vice President shall oversee all committees and programs.


    The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the Cowan Parent Teacher Club.  All funds shall be deposited in a bank account designated by the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall pay all bills approved by the club or the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall keep a permanent record of all such paid bills and furnish a complete financial statement at each meeting of the club.  The Treasurer shall present an end-of –the – previous- year statement at the first general meeting.  The previous Treasurer shall provide a completed financial statement and be available to assist the newly elected Treasurer in this first presentation.

    All checks for expenditures less than $100, not included in the budget approved by the membership, must be approved by at least three members of the Board and signed by two authorized signatories.  All other expenditures in excess of $100, not included in the budget approved by the membership, must be approved by the membership and signed by two authorized signatories.

    Teacher Representative-

    The Teacher Representative shall be designated by the staff to represent staff interests and concerns in all matters to James R. Cowan Fundamental School.


    Committee Chairpersons shall be selected annually and shall establish and review the responsibilities of their respective committees.  Committees shall be formed according to the annual needs of the club.  These committee chairpersons shall serve as committee heads from June to the following May school year.  It is not necessary for the general membership to vote on these committee chairpersons.

    All chairpersons, as well as committee members, are accountable to the Executive Board and are responsible for presenting their proposals and status to the Vice President.

    A committee chairperson shall serve for one year and may be eligible to serve any number of years.  The responsibilities of the chairpersons shall be designated by the Executive Board.

    If any chairperson is unable to perform his or her duties, it is their responsibility to notify the Executive Board and surrender all records, funds, or other items pertaining to that office.


    The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of the members present.  Such amendments must be presented in writing and read at a general meeting prior to their approval.

    These By-Laws have been approved by the General Membership of James R. Cowan School through 2021.

    Cowan PTC By-Laws (downloadable PDF)

Last Modified on May 13, 2021