Preventing Abductions

  • It's important that students be trained on how to avoid strangers and stay safe. Parents should talk to their children at least once a year to review the basic tips for avoiding dangerous situations including:
    • Safety in numbers - if possible walk in a group, not alone. 
    • If approached/followed, run to a business or house and call 911. 
    • Do not fall victim to ploys used by abductors – attempts to lure you to their car to give them directions or other questions, like “Did you see a little brown dog with a red collar running loose? 
    • It is important to not approach a car. If you lean into a car window you may easily be pulled inside. ( Stay at least a arm’s length away at all times). 
    • Avoid offers to help you – give a ride, carry backpack, etc. Helping you may not be their real interest. 
    • If possible, get a license plate number. 
    • A cell phone camera works well too. 
    • Have cell phone out – Dial someone or pretend to be talking if approached. 
    • If possible, walk home on roadways where there are people around as opposed to cutting through parks and fields that are more isolated.
    • It is important to report any suspicious incidents ASAP to your school and the police.
    You can also view one of the printable tri-fold brochures to share review or share with others:
Last Modified on May 1, 2014