• My goal is to update grades as often as I can. It tends to be every two weeks or so. Essays take a long time to grade, so I appreciate patience. The best way I can see how a student is progressing in English is through their writing. Writing samples and formal essays will shape a students grade. Students are given a reasonable and fair amount of time to complete assignments.

    If a student sees that something about their grade is not quite right, I have given them some simple steps to follow to rectify the error. If a student knows they did the assignment, but it is showing as missing: 
    1. Look in backpack, folders, etc.
    2. Look in No Name shelf
    3. Look in stack of Graded Papers
    4. Bring assignment to me, explain the situation, and the grade will be fixed.




    Summative:  60%
       Essays and major tests that show me what each student has learned over the course of the unit 
    Formative: 30%
       Writing exercises and quizzes that show me what each student still needs to work on throughout the unit 
    HW/CW: 10%


    Grading Scale

    A   100-90%
    B   89-80% 
    C   79-70%
    D   69-50%
    F   49-0%

    English Department Honors Policy


    1. Students will be dropped from honors English courses if any of the following occur:
    • Student receives a C over two consecutive semesters of English.  A semester is considered consecutive even it crosses into the next school year. 
    • Student has a grade of D or F as a semester grade.


    Note: Acceptance into honors English does not mean automatic acceptance into other department’s honors courses. 


Last Modified on August 13, 2019