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    Voters approved Measure S in 1998, Measure J in 2002 and Measure N in 2012, and Measure P in 2016, providing the funding to repair and modernize schools throughout the district.  A citizen's Bond Oversight Committee was established to make sure that the bond proceeds are spent wisely and only on facilities.  The committee meets quarterly to visit school sites under various phases of construction and to review project and budget status reports.  Dates, times, and locations of meetings are posted on the District's web site (see "Upcoming Meetings" or "View Calendar" on this page).  
    Committee members are appointed by the Board of Education as openings occur.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please fill out the application located under "Quick Links" on this page.

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  • Contacts

    Nicholas Arps 
    Director, Facilities Construction & Modernization
    (916) 971-5780 


    Lynn Castiaux
    Senior Citizen Representative
    Elizabeth Colegrove (Vice Chair)
    Parent Representative
    Tom Follett
    At Large/Community Member Representative
    Kyle Knight
    Business Representative
    Karen McMilllen
    At Large/Community Member Representative
    Timothy Slape (Chair)
    Parent Representative
    Taxpayer Association Member
    PTA/PTO Representative
Last Modified on March 13, 2023