• Precalculus: 335459

    Graduation Requirement; Meets CSU/UC “C” Requirement Grade: 9-12 (1 year)

    Prerequisite: Grade of D or better in Integrated Mathematics 3

    Adopted Curricular Materials: Larson/Cengage Precalculus

    DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to extend the study of Integrated Math 3.  Students in Precalculus extend their work with complex numbers, which started in Integrated Math 3, to see that complex numbers can be represented in the Cartesian plane and that operations with complex numbers have a geometric interpretation.  They connect their understanding of trigonometry and the geometry of the plane to express complex numbers in polar form.


    How students are graded

    • Assessments 90%
    • Assignments/homework 10%
Last Modified on October 18, 2019