• Meets Graduation Requirement in Life Science; Meets CSU/UC “D” Requirement
    Prerequisite: Completion of Biology with a C or higher
    Grades: 10-12 (1year)
    10 Credits
    DESCRIPTION: Biotechnology is the fusion of technology with biology in its broadest sense, drawing upon such disciplines as biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry, engineering, genetics, information technology, microbiology, molecular biology, and physics. This course will first provide the student with a theoretical foundation of the science behind biotechnology and second an introduction of the laboratory procedures associated with the biotechnology industry. As it is difficult to separate new developments and discoveries that have never been used with their application, bioethics is a key component to the understanding of biotechnology. Therefore there will be a constant intersection on how ethics relates to biotechnology especially in biomedical research.
Last Modified on June 30, 2014