• Meets Graduation Requirement in Physical Science; Meets CSU/UC “D” Requirement
    Prerequisite: C or better in Chemistry (both semesters) and completion of Algebra 2 with a C or better. Due to the rigor of this course, Rio recommends that students consult with their current science teacher for advisement.  
    Grades: 11-12 (1 year)
    10 Credits  
    DESCRIPTION: The AP Chemistry course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course taken in college. Some of the objectives covered will be an in depth understanding of thermochemistry, bonding, solids, liquids and gases, kinetics, chemical and aqueous equilibrium, acids and bases, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and organic chemistry. Comprehensive laboratory experiments will be performed to emphasize the course content
    Students will be prepared to take the AP Chemistry exam, which is optional but encouraged. This is considered an honors course for admissions to most universities. Upon passage of the AP Chemistry exam, students may receive college credit.
Last Modified on June 30, 2014