• High Quality Core Instruction 
    Rigorous and responsive classroom instruction is the foundation of our district and a successful MTSS framework. Once our MTSS framework is fully implemented, 80 percent of students should have their needs met within the classroom setting. Committee members labored over a common understanding of what the practices and indicators of high quality core instruction are in the district. Based on extensive research and discussion, the workgroup created a document titled “Practices and Indicators of High Quality CORE/Universal Instruction”. The practices include:
    1. Purpose: standards-based instruction with clear learning targets, teaching points and student tasks.
    2. Student Centered Instruction: facilitation of learning is clear, well-paced and utilizes research-based strategies that are culturally and linguistically relevant.
    3. Student Engagement: an environment that promotes a high level of student involvement in their learning.
    4. Classroom Environment: an environment that promotes respect, safety and a passion for learning.
    5. Assessment for Student Learning: clear assessment strategies for assessing students before, during and after the lesson.
    6. Positive Behavior Management System: expectations for student behavior are clear and are modeled in a manner that is subtle, positive and proactive.
Last Modified on November 10, 2016