• Support Center FAQs
    What exactly are Support Centers?
    Support Centers (SCs) are regional centers designed to assist and support students, families, and staff. Support Center staff work to address social-emotional, behavioral and academic needs across Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

    If the emphasis is mainly on Tiers 2 and 3, then who is primarily responsible for supporting Tier 1 instruction?
    Support for Tier 1 is the responsibility of the entire Division of Teaching and Learning (DTL). The centers are a component of DTL and resources from the SCs will be accessed as appropriate to support the work of DTL.

    How was it determined that a school would be included in a Support Center?
    A number of factors were taken into consideration when establishing regions to be served. The two greatest factors were proximity and percentage of high priority students (identified in our LCAP). Elementary and middle schools who had high percentages of low SES students and yet did not qualify for Title I were given key consideration. A final factor was whether or not the school piloted the Learning Support Team (LST) initiative last year. Schools who piloted last year will retain the extra FTE that was allocated. Several schools within the Citrus Heights/Orangevale corridor already receive the support of a social worker and may not have that particular service reflected on the rotation schedule.

    Will services look the same at each site? Within each region?
    No, as the work progresses and as Learning Support Teams review their data, allocations will shift based on the needs of that particular site or region.

    Who will coordinate this effort?
    The oversight of the Support Centers will be delegated to a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) Program Manager. Coordination of the delivery of comprehensive services, ensuring implementation of evidence-based practices and programs, promoting collaborative planning and problem solving, and supporting an infrastructure for data driven decision making are all essential responsibilities. Specific duties will also include:
    • Collaboration with school sites to establish goals and to set up allocation of resources and services. 
    • Facilitation of intervention professional development and training as needed. Coordination with additional central office staff as needed. 
    • Facilitation of a District/Central Office Learning Support Team.
    What other duties and responsibilities does the MTSS Program Manager have?
    Support Centers are only one component within an MTSS framework. The MTSS Program Manager is responsible for fully implementing the nine recommendations that were established by the MTSS work group and presented to the board on April 12, 2016.  
Last Modified on November 10, 2016