• Campus Activities

      • Board game tournament
      • Engineering challenges

      Local day field trips 

      • Capitol tour
      • Sac State/UC Davis tour
      • Old Sac
      • Lasertag
      • Bowling
      • Soil Born Farms
      • UC Davis Arboretum
      • Sac State Planetarium
      • Sac Zoo
      • Ropes course
      • Granite Arch
      • Rocklin Quarry
      • Hiking
      • Biking on American River trail
      • Crocker Museum
      • Band play at local MS

      Longer day field trips

      • Snowshoeing

      Overnight trips

      • Camping (winter snow or warmer season)
      • Bay Area college tour
      • Monterey Bay Aquarium


    • Campus building projects

      • Benches
      • Garden 
      • Horseshoe pit, bocce ball court, cornhole, mini-golf, etc

      Campus art projects - For approval of a public space on campus, please complete this project request form once you know the space you would like to create on and have a sketch to share.

      • Murals
      • signage
    • Extensive list of Investigation/Experimention ideas
    • Design a garden with a FarmBot
    • Build an aquarium (think Fish Tank Kings)
    • Build and race drones
    • Build a BattleBot (fighting robots)
    • Community Design Projects 
    • Newspaper/Zine 
    • Crafting the Day –fashion, technology, glass art, etc. 
    • Make Art out of Trash/Recyclable Products 
    • Create an Escape Room
    • Write a book or play or movie
    • Culinary work
    • Create a Halloween haunted house
    • Commercial Dissection - break down a TV commercial to understand design and marketing
    • Water Spots Video Contest




Last Modified on December 3, 2020